How Wireframes are Hurting Your Designs – and Your Results

This post originally appeared on the blog for DOPM, the Digital Oxford Project Managers’ meetup.

Static wireframes don’t really fit into the modern web design workflow, yet they’re still around. Antiquated and obsolete, they’ve somehow stayed with us. But I think the era of the wireframe is over, and it’s time they were replaced with something much more quitable for the modern age.

“Wireframes are still for many a part of the website and mobile app design workflow. But there’s a huge problem: static wireframes are no longer fit for purpose. They’re compromising your design process and the interactions your users have with your website, making life difficult for those users.

Wireframes need to be replaced in all web design and build projects with something much more suitable for today’s way of working – and more importantly that meets our customers’ changing expectations.”

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