Online marketing: should you focus on traffic or conversions?

This post was written for Econsultancy. It features the opinions of several well-known SEO and digital marketing specialists.

For many people – especially those working for small businesses – the main focus of digital marketing is the same as it would be for traditional marketing: driving footfall. But are traffic-related targets the most effective focus for your early web efforts? Or would it be better to focus more on improving your conversion rate? In this – my first post for Econsultancy – I asked a couple of leading lights in the SEO industry for their opinions. The conclusion is rather interesting.

“If you are entering the online world for the first time as a business it doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established bricks-and-mortar company, you need to choose what to spend your resources on.

So far so obvious; that’s all part of your marketing strategy. But when you’re thinking about that strategy there’s one big, tough question that will almost inevitably come up:

“Should we spend more of our resources trying increase brand awareness or increasing conversion rates?”

The answer to that question is much less obvious than the question itself.”

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