Customer choice – how offering more can get you less

This post was written while I was working at Purple Frog and appears on their blog.

When the NHS announced that all of their Primary Care Trust managers were going to spend time in wards and on the ground with care-giving teams because their thinking had become too detached from real life, it was obvious where their inspiration came from. The idea of genchi genbutsu has long been a part of The Toyota Way and is a core pillar of the Lean mentality, so I wrote this post on how it appears the NHS will be applying the principle.

“When a visitor to your website doesn’t know exactly what they want, it’s important to offer them as much choice as possible, right?
After all, their ideal product might be one they haven’t seen yet. Well, there is a bit of a problem with this idea. If you give too much customer choice they can get stuck trying to decide between options, an idea known as the paradox of choice.”

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