Infographics as Powerful Marketing Tools

This post was originally written for the Obergine blog.

Inofgraphics can be a powerful marketing tool. Or, they can be a heavy investment that brings little return. This post explores why infographics have become such a popular medium and how a marketing team can use them to expand their reach and drive marketing success.

“Infographics may not have lead the media charge that has been taking place over the last few years – pictures of cats, animated GIFs, and video between them probably make up the vanguard – but they have certainly had an impact. It seems that almost every technology announcement – major or minor – is accompanied by an infographic. Take this one for the announcement that women spend longer playing games on their smartphones than men and this one which reveals that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. But why are so many people making them? Should you be? And how can you make use of these powerful marketing assets?”

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