The Anatomy of a Great Strapline: How to Write a Tagline that Sells

This post was originally written for Obergine and appears on their blog.

A great strapline can make a brand, but a bad one can break it. This post looks at what goes into a strapline that will help you to sell, including by dissecting successful straplines from household brands.

“Great straplines are valuable tools for a brand: they let customers get an almost instant feel for a company, conveying how that company thinks in a short soundbite. Get them right and they can strengthen almost every aspect of your marketing – but that’s exactly what makes them so difficult to write.

Getting so much information into one short phrase is not easy, and if it’s not the right information you could alienate potential customers. So how do you make sure your brand’s strapline does its job and brings in new business?”

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