Benjamin Morel is a Project Manager and Digital Marketer living in Oxford


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Online marketing: should you focus on traffic or conversions?


Written for: Econsultancy

For many people - especially those working for small businesses - the main focus of digital marketing is the same as it would be for traditional marketing: driving footfall. But are traffic-related targets the most effective focus for your early web efforts? Or would it be better to focus more on improving your conversion rate? In this - my first post for Econsultancy - I asked a couple of leading lights in the SEO industry for their opinions. The conclusion is rather interesting.

Infographics as Powerful Marketing Tools


Written for: Obergine

Inofgraphics can be a powerful marketing tool. Or, they can be a heavy investment that brings little return. This post explores why infographics have become such a popular medium and how a marketing team can use them to expand their reach and drive marketing success.