Benjamin Morel is a Project Manager and Digital Marketer living in Oxford


Latest Writing

Build Better AdWords Campaigns By Ignoring Google’s Advice


Written for: Obergine

When people start using Google AdWords they often start building their campaigns with a similar structure. It's a structure that's logical, easy to implement, and encouraged by Google themselves. It's also wrong and could stop them from seeing RoI on their ad spend. This post explores why that might be and how to stop yourself from falling into the same trap.

How Wireframes are Hurting Your Designs - and Your Results


Written for: DO PM

Static wireframes don't really fit into the modern web design workflow, yet they're still around. Antiquated and obsolete, they've somehow stayed with us. But I think the era of the wireframe is over, and it's time they were replaced with something much more quitable for the modern age.

How Fast Can you Pivot A Business Idea?


Written for: Oxford Launch

A startup-focused post written live at Oxford Launch 2014, where over one weekend five teams put together business ideas. Some of them pivoted multiple times through the weekend, which begs the question "if they can do that, why can't you pivot your startup faster"?